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Actual results may vary. Please consult a doctor before starting any smoking cessation program.

Does this work for Vaping?

Yes, it does! We are working on a specific vaping program, but we have found that this program is just as effective for quitting vaping as it is for quitting cigarettes.  Please note that when Kerry talks about smoking while watching the sessions that you should think of it as vaping since this is truly about nicotine addiction and both cigarettes and vaping are delivering nicotine and unknown chemicals to your body, just in different ways.

Is The Kerry Gaynor Method simple?

The Kerry Gaynor Method sessions were designed to be as simple as possible. As long as you have a desire to quit smoking, The Method can help you quit. Like thousands of others already have, just prep your stream, sit back, press play and follow the instructions. It's that simple. Within two weeks you could be a non-smoker.*

How effective is The Kerry Gaynor Method?

In an environment similar to what you will experience at home, we have experienced an 85% success rate† in our internal testing of the Sessions. Of course, individual results tend to vary and each person must have a desire to quit smoking. If you follow the directions - watch each session alone, undisturbed and 5-7 days apart - The Method can be extremely effective*.

How long is the program? Do I need to watch all 3 videos at once?

The Kerry Gaynor Method is three, one hour Sessions that you DO NOT watch all at once. You will watch the first session, then 5-7 days after that you watch the second 1 hour session (that's when you will learn to transition to a non-smoker*) and then 5 -7 days after that, you will lock it in with the final one-hour session. Essentially it's 3 hours total time spread out over 10-14 days. Like watching 3 episodes of your favorite TV show, it's that easy, except this can save your life*.

Can these videos really work better than an in-person session?

The 3 one-hour videos put you in a real session with Kerry Gaynor as if you were there. In our internal testing, we have found that The Kerry Gaynor Method program has an 85% success rate†. People are more comfortable doing the sessions in the comfort of their own home, and the sessions were found to be just as effective as seeing Kerry personally, if not more so.

What is Streaming video and how does it work?

Streaming video functions like watching videos on Netflix, iTunes or Youtube. Once you have signed up with your credit card, you will receive an email with a username and password. Log in and you can watch the first of three sessions from any internet connected computer, tablet or mobile phone. You will also receive an email with a password for the app available on iTunes and Google Play to track your journey and keep you on schedule.

Are there any cravings or side effects?

The vast majority of people we tested did not crave cigarettes or vaping products at any point during The Method after Session 2. In some cases, months, even years, have gone by where these non-smokers have yet to crave a cigarette or vaping products. Kerry uses an approach that changes the way smokers think about addiction. This change in perspective, along with hypnotherapy, are the reasons why most participants do not suffer from cravings*.

Won't I gain weight once I quit smoking?

While actual results do vary, in the vast majority of our testing, there were no signs of weight gain*. In fact, some people have reported even losing weight*.

When is it okay to smoke during The Method?

Don't worry, you're not going to quit right away after your first session. You quit smoking after the second session (within 5 to 7 days after the first session) BUT you need to watch all three sessions to be a non-smoker for life*. This program has been developed over 35 years and the timing has been tested to perfection. Session 1 is considered a prep week where you'll watch the first Session, then go about your life as normal. Finishing Session 2 will mark your transition from smoker to non-smoker. In addition, if you don't want to smoke after the first session, that's OK too! However, you must complete all three sessions to become a non-smoker for life*.

How long will it take to become a non-smoker?

In short, The Method was designed so that you can stop smoking in 5-7 days* after starting the program. After watching Session 1 entirely, you need to give yourself 5-7 days before starting Session 2. This 5-7 day window has been carefully calculated. There are absolutely no short-cuts or speeding up of this time-frame. It is very important that you do not stop watching the videos even if you quit smoking after the second Session. This Method has been perfected over 35 years and all 3 sessions are essential.

What preparation is necessary?

Next to none. It's simple, just carve out one hour for each Session, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and have access to a computer with the ability to stream. Each Session should be watched without any distractions.

Is it ok to watch sessions over again?

If you are interested in watching any Session more than once, go right ahead. We actually encourage it. Just make sure you don’t move on to the next Session until the allotted 5-7 days has passed from the first time you have watched the previous Session.

What will being hypnotized feel like?

Being hypnotized feels a little different for everyone. In general, most people describe their experience as an enjoyable state of relaxation. It's different from what you might associate a hypnotic state to be like; there's no swinging pocket watches or bizarre antics of any kind. During hypnosis you're not asleep and you're not under any type of spell. Kerry doesn't "put you under", he simply guides you into a state of hypnosis/relaxation. Afterwards, most people feel refreshed, even energized. We like to explain the feeling as similar to when you're driving in your car, listening to the radio and then you forget to make a turn; Essentially you were hypnotized by the radio - you're awake, but very relaxed..


How do I use The Method app and supplemental audio track?

The Kerry Gaynor Method app was designed as a "wingman" to The Kerry Gaynor Method Sessions. It's still fun and informative on its own, but paired with The Method videos, it is an even better tool and support system. The app will help you stay on track throughout the course of The Method with helpful reminders and updates to your phone's calendar. The "Smoking Calculator" tracks exactly how much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you haven't smoked and even how much tar your body has been spared. Download it on iTunes or Google Play now. 

Supplemental Audio: We're here for you during and long after you've completed The Kerry Gaynor Method. The Supplemental Audio consists of three individual tracks that will support you if you're having difficulty not smoking. We're all human. Sometimes we need reminders and reinforcements to keep us on track. If you ever experience a setback or craving, these Supplemental Sessions will address the root causes and help you resolve them.

How do I get my 30 day guarantee refund?

Click Contact on our site, or send an email [email protected] within 30 days of purchasing and a refund will be issued.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns during The Method?

We're here to help you in any way we can. If your question or concern isn't addressed in this FAQ section, you can reach out to our customer service staff, and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Click here to contact us.

What if I want to do in-person sessions with Kerry?

The Kerry Gaynor Method program can be just as effective as meeting Kerry in-person. The cost of working with him directly can cost you upwards of $900 or more, and you'll have to get on a 3 month long wait list before you can start working with him. If you'd still prefer in-person sessions with Kerry, you can contact us and we will help you set up the process.

Who is Kerry Gaynor?

Kerry Gaynor is a world-renowned hypnotherapist located in Los Angeles, California. In 1975, he graduated from UCLA with high honors in Philosophy. He then studied under Gil Boyne (a pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy) and earned his certification from the highly acclaimed American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

During his years practicing, Kerry helped thousands struggling with weight loss, anxiety, and addiction, but he eventually directed his main focus to helping people quit smoking because he's always believed that the acceptance and perpetuation of cigarette smoking is one of the greatest travesties of our time.

Kerry spent 35 years perfecting a system to help people quit smoking and take back their lives, and now people all over the world have successfully used his Method to stop forever. Kerry Gaynor is so proud that his Method has helped so many, and he knows that it can work for you, too!


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